A-Sim - Unpeaceful Mind EP
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    Unpeaceful Mind EP
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    No Suit Records
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About the release:

A-Sim, born Simon Hamelin, is a fresh electronic music producer from France. His productions wind up somewhere between UK bass, electro and techno with a focus on the rivalry between the dark and sweet side of all textures coming from electronic instruments. He released stuffs on R&S, Eddy Larkin and Rawax.

Ghost of Skye glides between lost innocence and joyful tears. It shines like a blurring star, like the glowing glass of your last drink on a late night.
My Opinion (even if you don’t care) is the rotating, meditative call to prayer pumped on detroit electro steroids. Take my hand and dive into oblivion.
Unpeaceful Mind re ects our apocalyptic erra. The neverstopping dark and anxious pressure of society. The need of relief. Of escape. Of freedom.

All tracks mastered by Pole at Scape Mastering in Berlin.