Daniel Bortz - Arrival EP - w/ Juergen Branz, Acid Pauli, Sascha Sibler
  • Title:
    Arrival EP - w/ Juergen Branz, Acid Pauli, Sascha Sibler
  • Artist:
    Daniel Bortz
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  • Date:
    10 / 2018
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About the release:

A well-known new school veteran, Daniel brings a more introspective side, displaying his versatile sound palette on the latest outing for Munich’s respectable Pastamusik. Made for travellers and deep cave dwellers, the EP starts off with Arrival, produced with Juergen Branz, reminding of a dreamy wheelbarrow nodding to the days of past, saying hello to tomorrow. Next is Computation, with a computer doing its thing in the jungle/transmitting its core message – We are the Borg, resistance is futile. With its sparse beat, dropped at the right moment in for the right crowd, the EP’s third track, Backyard bounce, will make you prance, wobble and dance. Travel, produced with the prolific Acid Pauli, is one for keeps – dark basements and intense visuals. Finally, for lovers of digital, the EP brings two more extra tracks, the hypnotic Let the Machines Do The Work and the serene Return. Solid.