Yogg & Pharaoh - The Neverending Gever
  • Title:
    The Neverending Gever
  • Artist:
    Yogg & Pharaoh
  • Label:
    Parallax Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    12 / 2018
  • Available:


About the release:

The Tel-Aviv based label Parallax brings Yogg and Pharaoh together for their 8th vinyl release.
It starts off with the epic title track, a laid-back bassy groove surrounded by crispy hits and shifted electrical noises, building up to a climatic second part which fuses a lot of the producers’ unique soundscapes, all on a hypnotic pounding rhythm section.
This is followed by a quirky broken electronica short, “OMPTI”, chopped-up modular sweeps and lush melodic hints create this uniquely structured A2 track.
The B-side starts of with “Maurice”, a more direct and intensive techno cut, which also breaks into an energetic – wobbly 2nd section which also features many of their unique sound explorations in a dramatic final section.
B2, “Abadei” has a deeper buildup approach for most of it, starting from a pure yet uneven rhythm section, and growing into a mass of counterparts and layers of noise and crackle.
The EP ends with an unlisted locked-groove, an intense and dirty industrial-techno groove.