Various Artists - Bavarian Stallion Series
  • Title:
    Bavarian Stallion Series
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    RFR 003
  • Date:
    09 / 2018
  • Available:


About the release:

There smokes and whistles in Zenker’s machine jungle. The best loved and best known brothers of the techno scene are causing a multi-layered Schwirbler, which is likely to destroy many dancefloor lasting for years.

Jelly3000 are Essika and Andreas Damaschun. “Wave a wand” is lashed forward by a powerful-impulsive Arp, while synths and piano dances light-footed about it and spreads a sustained mood.

Kessel Vale has recently caused quite a stir with two EPs on Tanstaafl Planets and Rhythm Nation. “Stroke” should further expand its reputation as an idiosyncratic excellent producer with a penchant for the playful.

STERIL – That Artist you may know from International Deejay Gigolo Records, Erkrankung durch Musik, Schamoni Musik, Lasergun and Müller Records…Oldschool.