3KZ - D50 Tears EP
  • Title:
    D50 Tears EP
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Insula Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2018
  • Available:


About the release:

Insula records returns to the shelves with a brand new EP by 3KZ, a unique collaboration between the gifted Italian producers Z.I.P.P.O. & Kaelan.
The record lifts off with ‘Outta Here’, a journey into other heights with glissandi melodies rising over arpeggiating sequences to a solid driving techno track that is functional, spot-on material for the floors. This side is complemented with ‘Urban Jungle’, a clear-cut heady track with upfront drum programming that leads to a driving atmosphere.
The B-side is something special and is fully covered with the 15-minute spanning title track ‘D50 Tears’. This beautiful washed out ambient arrangement, full of emotion and soul, channels the mind to other places. A cinematic masterwork that shows the sophistication of 3KZ in full depth.