HMOT - Permanent Imbalance
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    Permanent Imbalance
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  • Date:
    06 / 2018
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About the release:

HMOT aka Stas Sharifullin is Siberian-born, Moscow-based musician, curator, educator and multi-disciplinary artist from Siberia. Using modular synthesizer, field recordings and visual programming languages, HMOT collects sounds and organizes them into structures, pushing traditional electronic music genres beyond their comfort zones. “Permanent Imbalance” is his EP debut on the Berlin imprint oqko following a single contribution to the label’s “form_1” compilation.
Structurally, “Permanent Imbalance” is disorderly and elusive, it’s a techno record which has undergone a Gregor Samsaesque metamorphosis. Embedded with dizzying polyrhythmics, the discontinuity at the heart of the record might also be its central directive – interrupting the ecstatic clubbing experience in favor of a contradictory reality which is impossible to describe with regular rhythms. Boldly submitted to the niche of dance music deviations, “Permanent Imbalance” also reveals techniques directly derived from early institutional electronics and musique concrete. But where others would pile on the layers,
Sharifullin keeps it trim. These are just some finishing touches enhancing his rickety and multifaceted soundscapes.
Subject to constant deviations of its own temporality, this music proves to mirror the crisis in which modernity resides – a state of life out of balance which now appears to be permanent as never before.