Blusher - Tren Rezno
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    Tren Rezno
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  • Date:
    11 / 2018
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About the release:

Tren Rezno is the first release by blusher, a music project by artist, writer, and game designer Aidan Wall. Produced between Dublin and Amsterdam over the course of a couple of years, Tren Rezno is a spectral mixture of ambient compositions, strummed songs, field recordings, and club-focussed tracks that are just as likely to make the listener weep as they are to make them dance. Drawing from influences as varied as New York No Wave, Playstation Game Soundtracks, and traditional Irish music, Tren Rezno is a strange collage of thoughts and impressions that hints towards contemporary experiences of precarity and anxiety, just as it hints towards the timeless experiences of splinted affection, singing into a pint with a friend, or falling in love on the dance floor.
Tren Rezno is available digitally as a 13 track, 50 minute long album, and physically as a 5 track record, 30 minute 12” record.