Junes - A View
  • Title:
    A View
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  • Date:
    06 / 2018
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About the release:

Junes kicks off a new imprint, Dote, with a full-length exploration of the direct yet dreamlike sound he’s made his own. With his usual flair for crisp grooves and ghostly palettes, A View reveals a broader range of nuanced vibes. Second Wind and Stop, Elate show a playful buoyancy, and a sense of discovery in tracks like Balancing Act and Two-Sided Embrace add a narrative pace to the collection. There’s time for some of the creeping, spaced out atmospheres that hallmark some of Junes’ previous best, but with tracks like Packaging, the realisation of this sound is richer than ever. There’s a restless feel throughout the work, too – especially evident in the closer Spooked – and a feeling that we’ve been on a trip that doesn’t end here.