Farron - Bistro Baggio
  • Title:
    Bistro Baggio
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    XCPT Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2018
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About the release:

After hosting Farron to perform for a showcase in Matera, South Italy, and following a solid, immediate aural connection with the crew, XCPT now invites the Bavaria-based artist and Shaw Cuts shaolin master to submerse himself in his talent of wielding harmonious synths, championing percussion and corruptive basslines for the label’s third release, ‘Bistro Baggio’. The release offers three original cuts plus an interpretation of one of the tracks, ‘Paneth’, by label honcho Nothus, exploring calculated rhythms and sounds that delve into varying atmospheres and transporting you from a blacked-out club to a quaint starlit stream in the woods.