Relaxer - Relaxer
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    Tranquility 4
  • Date:
    11 / 2017
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About the release:

Following a live debut at Berghain and standout shows at De School and Institut fuer Zukunft, Daniel Martin-McCormick returns as Relaxer with the fourth installment in the project’s eponymous EP series. “Jamie Lee” takes over the a-side; harrowing screams are framed by strobing chords and a deadly groove. Simultaneously euphoric, agonizing and cathartic, “Jamie Lee” was written as the climax of Relaxer’s live set and is a prime example of the artist’s uniquely feral techno. Drawing equally on punk confrontations and more haunting emotional explorations, “Jamie Lee” is a lacerating and visceral descent.
On the b-side, “Unwind” oozes from the speakers, a miasmic cut that builds on the white knuckle tension of “Jamie Lee.” A lone synth figure worms its way through pulsating 3D drones, shimmering dissonances and hiccuping drums, rocking out into a quasi catatonic infinity. Finally “Regime Change” gently floats on the surface of a trash-filled sea, a fading, smog choked reverie.