Mchy i Porosty - Untitled
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    Mchy i Porosty
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About the release:

Mchy i Porosty stands for ‘mosses and lichens’. Its EP on Brutaż – a hopeless Polish party night and ‘label’ – is a story on broken dreams, mold, dying and crippled love.
Hailing from a deserted town in the middle of Polish nowhere, the artist failed to “deliver” – the record is not “effective”, “punchy”, nor it’s a “hyper-Techno”, “breathtaking”, and won’t really cause a testosterone overdose. In the line of previous EPs (by Jules Venturini and Draveng), Brutaż explores ambiguous sounds and emotions. The path is not shiny, nor does it lead to an ecstatic oblivion. However, it tells a story.
The opening song – “Czarna plaża” [black beach] is a bleak and relentless beat about disillusioned teen romance – the two stand on the black beach with black tar oozing from their hearts. A2 – “Dziwna śmierć” [strange death] is a melodic song about funny and surprising things that happen after you die. “Wężowe ruchy” [snake moves] is an off-beat, guitar-driven impression about the way her body moves when she’s a snake, it’s also about love. Gloomy dark-trip industrial of “Cholewa” tells a story about a guy named Maciek Cholewa – funnily, he had abnormal overgrowth of a bone in his neck that almost tore his spinal cord. In a track, the doctor describes the dangers of a possible medical procedure. A magical flying furry shit that somehow helped.