Hear & San Proper - Elephantoms EP
  • Title:
    Elephantoms EP
  • Artist:
    Hear & San Proper
  • Label:
    Naissance Musik
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About the release:

180 g 12″
NAISSANCE MUSIK proudly presents ELEPHANTOMS, the second EP, produced by HEAR and SAN PROPER.
Elephants represent past and present, but also part of our future.
They are among the largest and oldest animals on earth – powerful and yet fragile, eternal and yet almost extinct. When you think about music, similar ideas come to mind – of course the power of sound and dance, the energy of the party because of that group-feeling of the herd, but also the fragile aspect of harmony, the quality of family that is so difficult to reach in a formation of individuals, plus that moment when the music adapts to the people, and the people adapt to the music.
Elephants are phantoms in music, they haunt dancers and listeners. But they haunt us in a positive way, to remind us with the idea that we are part of a refreshing and renewing cycle, the circle of life. This is why this “elephantism” brings awareness, love and care to your sound-system, think about it and remember.
(the first track “Up the Hill” starts the journey and will make you climb the first mountain, then The Groin allows you to copulate and get sexy with your crew through the tune. Macha Moves brings laughter and tears after sex, makes sweat in the late hours but whips up breakfast and morning-glory at the same time, while the last track is a medley of memories, for an Elephantom remembers everything…).
ELEPHANTOMS is the collaboration between HEAR & SAN PROPER, two dedicated musicians who have created this EP in Canada, Lebanon, Holland and Germany in honour of a dying breed which is close to extinction.
This is for the spirit of the elephant.
While you purchase this piece of music, please also look into the right organisation to donate and help these dinosaurs before they will haunt you like phantoms. (Manuel Benguigui)