FBK - The Expert Escapist
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    The Expert Escapist
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  • Date:
    09 / 2010
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About the release:

Kevin M. Kennedy aka fbk is escaping. Escaping from the everyday struggles of life in Columbus, Ohio, USA. One of his escape routes is his music and when you listen to his tracks you can feel why. His music is emotional to the core, no matter if it’s powerful and heavily funky techno such as “flying hybrids” or dark and sinister straight electro like “chosen path”. Every single sound and rhythm is pure fbk and will cause a frenzy on the dancefloor.
Having released on Shake’s Frictional label as fbk and on Detroit based label Xplor as The Sleep Engineer, Kevin is not a newbie in the techno circus. Diametric. is proud to release the first new record from the expert escapist since 1997. Why he remained below the radar for so many years is a mystery.
fbk will have further upcoming releases on Frictional soon. No digital distribution. Save the vinyl.