Melchior Productions Ltd. - Apariciones EP
  • Title:
    Apariciones EP
  • Artist:
    Melchior Productions Ltd.
  • Label:
    Lick My Deck
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    10 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

Latest release on LMD comes from a new signing, a man that needs no introduction. Musical pioneer Mr. Thomas Melchior.

The Apariciones EP opens with Cinza De Fenix. A unique stripped down groove dripping with funk builds & builds, layer upon layer into a spaced out helter skelter of a ride.

Todo Mundo digs deeper into a darker more sexual world. Twisted moans mixed with seductive vocals from Argenis Brito create an intense and surreal, sensual feel.

The Apariciones EP shows Melchior at his finest !

Support from :
Ricardo Villalobos, Zip, Raresh, Matthias Tanzmann, Baby Ford & Craig Richards.


Onur Ozer (Vakant / Cocoon) : Such an amazing ep from Thomas, and i think this is one of the greatest music i heard so far this year ! Mysterious, exotic, dark and groovy !

Mathias Kaden (Vakant / Cocoon) : Great deep mood from Thomas like always!!!! I will play both songs for sure..... ;-))) Mathias

Nina Kraviz (Rekids) : The record you gave me is sick!!! As I am a big fan of Melchior in general..this one was not an exeption.. Thank you very much..Hugs, Nin

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Harbour) : Nice one ! would like to have the files please! thx. MT.

Brothers' Vibe (Mixx / Som) : Cool EP! Todo Mundo is my fav - Love vocals and track!! Full support.

Craig Richards (Fabric) : I love Cinza De Fenix please could you send. Best wishes Craig

Mikael Stavostrand (Sunset Diskos / Lick My Deck) : Love both tracks, amazing release.

Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels) : Sounds real good ; ) pls send asap thanks Damian

Sebo K (Mobilee) : Excellent release !! would love to get it : ) cheers.

Cosmin TRG ( Rush Hour / Hessle Audio) : Great Stuff !!! Todo Mundo is my favourite, I'll play it out!

Michel Cleis (Cadenza / Strictly Rhythm) : Hi Guys! I love Todo Mundo !!!!

Davide Squillace (Ovum / Desolat) : Always great stuff from Thomas !!!

Raresh (a:rpiar) : Very Nice ep !! Best regards