Aux 88 pres. Black Tokyo - Shadow Dancing EP
  • Title:
    Shadow Dancing EP
  • Artist:
    Aux 88 pres. Black Tokyo
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2010
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About the release:

AUX 88 Returns even stronger with PBX-16 Shadow Dancing Ep this marks the second phase of the Aux 88 presents Black Tokyo Project released exclusively on Puzzlebox Records.The first Song Shadow Dancing is a spiritual floor killer on its way to classic status with additional strings played by Estaban Adame of Los Hermanos Fame.
Electric Underground highlights newest member of Black Tokyo Ice Truck.Not only is she beautifull but her vocals take Aux 88 to a new level in electro dance music. Side b1′ lone track Winter in Japan moves Aux 88′ bLack tokyo project in a more techno driven soundtrack of a snow covered winter in japan. Black Tokyos second 12″ is a classic that must be collected.