He/aT & Tom Dicicco (aka Kintsugi Soundsystem) - Journey To Yomi EP
  • Title:
    Journey To Yomi EP
  • Artist:
    He/aT & Tom Dicicco (aka Kintsugi Soundsystem)
  • Label:
    Kintsugi Soundsystem
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    12 / 2016
  • Available:


About the release:

Kintsugi: a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery with veins of gold
Long time cohorts He/aT (aka Chris Finke) and Tom Dicicco join forces for the first time to form “Kintsugi Soundsystem”; a special label & performance project which kicks off with the split “Journey To Yomi EP”. Four special tracks to launch their new imprint , sinister atmospheric techno but not as you may know it , searching deeper and further.
Rounding off the EP are the first 2 “Veins Of Gold” in the series – locked grooves cut specifically for DJ use. Fierce loops for use in your warehouses – warning.. club tested and devastating for the adventurous dj.