Yoshinori Hayashi - Asylum
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    Yoshinori Hayashi
  • Label:
    Lovers Rock
  • Cat:
    Lovers Rock no. 12
  • Date:
    11 / 2016
  • Available:


About the release:

Tokyo’s Yoshinori Hayashi makes his debut on Lovers Rock with “Asylum,” an EP of deliciously bent avant-house and free jazz-esque voyages. Hayashi has been making a name for himself as a formidable studio talent, and on “Asylum” he offers some of his finest work to date. “Agent Dissolving Device” welds louche narration, kaleidoscopic atmospheres and an energized girl-group hook to an earworm groove. An invaluable tool for adventurous DJs, “so wrong it’s right” doesn’t begin to describe it. Meanwhile, the b-side is given over to Hayashi’s more sombre, quasi-chamber music leanings. “Burrow” and “The Old Man” both use wheezing, wandering piano figures to articulate a mournful, bleary-eyed beauty that seems to flicker in the shadows of the a-side’s extroversion.