Jor-El - Seven Years Adrift EP
  • Title:
    Seven Years Adrift EP
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    True Rotary Recordings
  • Cat:
    TRR 001
  • Date:
    10 / 2016
  • Available:


About the release:

‘Seven Years Adrift’ marks the premiere of True Rotary Recordings as well as the comeback of Joel Alter’s Jor-El alias. While Joel Alter is renowned for creating melancholic yet peculiar uplifting house and techno, the Jor-El alias signals a rawer side of his production.

‘Seven Years Adrift’ tells the story of a journey in two parts. The first part, Seven Years, is filled with the confidence and energy of a novel traveller just setting of on an adventure on the High Seas. A bold track with gusts of hard claps ripping the sails. In the second part, Adrift, the once wide-eyed traveller has just turned his now weather-beaten face to the ocean breeze, patiently waiting for the wind to shift. A more laid back and moody track, but still confident and vivacious. The energy of Seven Years and the soulfulness of Adrift embody the Jor-El signature and set the tone for releases to come.

True Rotary Recordings is run by Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic. Stemming from a longstanding mutual appreciation for the combination of raw techno with more seductive sounds, the label is a natural development of Joel’s and Ena’s musical and personal partnership. True Rotary Recorings represent their mutual musical vision and vibe that they love. Keeping it raw and genuine.