Marcel Fengler - Kyu EP
  • Title:
    Kyu EP
  • Artist:
    Marcel Fengler
  • Label:
    Index Marcel Fengler
  • Cat:
    IMF 07
  • Date:
  • Available:


About the release:

Strength lies in calmness – and vice versa. Marcel Fengler returns on IMF and offers three new inspirited musical pieces that protrude from the club context just as well as cater for your home stereo, picking up on the diverse musical moods defined by his debut album Fokus (Ostgut Ton, 2013) while concentrating on intertwining sound aesthetics.
With “Kyu” laid out on the A-side, this new 12″ starts off with a delicate yet muscular floor-pleaser – its subtle 4/4 rhythm is counteracted by lush claps on 2/4, but the true finesse comes in form of its varying rhythmic details, crisp hi-hats and underlying, subtle melodies, most notably the twirling organ trills, sustained synth pads and alienated shout outs.
“Shitau” on B1 picks up on these introverted and adoring musical moods with more organic bell percussion and swelling synth layers adding a more cinematic touch to the complex rhythm patterns—then pausing for a short dreamy break, gaining speed again before culminating in a grand finale. “Zen” follows up with intimate string arrangements until Fengler varies the tone and tempo with tribalist percussion and a lush kick drum.
This EP is an ideal companion, whether you’re pruning your bonsai or branching out a club set.