Fred P/Iron Curtis/Session Victim/Tim Toh - 5 Years Frank Music Pt. 2
  • Title:
    5 Years Frank Music Pt. 2
  • Artist:
    Fred P/Iron Curtis/Session Victim/Tim Toh
  • Label:
    Frank Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    4 / 2016
  • Available:

About the release:

What do you do when you are part-time bored, when you are part-time broke and – even better – when you claim to make and live dance music (of course, also part-time)? Well you are obviously running a record label. This is what Johannes Albert does since 5 fun years and 20 releases. Releasing his own music on vinyl but also his mates stuff. Frank will celebrate this anniversary among life & happiness early 2016 with two 12 inches and a lousy tour. Fred P lifting us up right from the start with his “Energy Cloud”. Soulful drum workouts make peace with heavenly layers. Far out bliss. Next in line is good friend Iron Curtis who is calling for sweet operators. Flip side offers our Session Victim boys first time on the label. Let’s have some moody juice wit’ Hauke & Matthias once and for all! Hidden Beauty is the kind of track you wouldn’t expect from Tim Toh of Philpot fame. Well it’s a beauty and now not so hidden anymore. Let’s just be frank shall we?