René Audiard - Sakhalin
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  • Artist:
    René Audiard
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  • Date:
    5 / 2016
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About the release:

Ygrok brings a long-awaited fourth release to its catalog. René Audiard’s “Sakhalin” takes things a step away from traditional club music.
The A side, “Vox Out” opens with the skeleton of a rhythm. Scattered tom drums and barely detectable whirs, fading and reeling in the background. When the distorted voices begin their story behind a hissing, grinding off-shaker, you know this will not be your traditional club track. A story develops. The barest hint of a shuffling beat, a subtle reminder of Soren’s previous work, pins down the journey into the darkest psychic territory. The title track Sakhalin steps even further into darkness. Crackling electrics and disjointed atmospheres change at a glacial pace over a submerged hydraulic beat. Sakhalin Audiard experimental territory.