Headless Horseman - HDL007
  • Title:
  • Artist:
    Headless Horseman
  • Label:
    Headless Horseman
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2015
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About the release:

A distant shadow of a woman with jet black stringy hair glistened through the nearby shrubbery. Was it her, or was I again lost in my own dementia? How in the living world could this be? I sipped on my medicine and fell into a deep sleep. I awoke days later to see her sooty eyeballs rolling over my entire body. Her Black Wings seemed to stretch over a mile wide. They ever so subtly fluttered from the slow wind that was creeping in from the north. I startled when I realized what was happening and sprung up from my chemically induced coma. I grabbed her by the neck as tight as I could, only to realize that I was holding a black birds tail feather in my hand.