Kaelan - The Silent Swordsman
  • Title:
    The Silent Swordsman
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Shaw Cuts
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    01 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

For the second release, the artist Kaelan joins the ranks of the squad of Shaw Cuts with the EP ‘The Silent Swordsman’. Equipped by his sharp stabbing weapon and a mysterious fighting technique taught by the head chief of the Sun Moon Sect Master Wu himself, Kaelan strikes out to hunt. Not hectic but silent, so watch your back!
The chase starts off with ‘Latch’, a straight techno banger with swirling chords and thrusting percussions that can easily slice the villain’s face into pieces. Bloodbath.
‘Claw’ already gives hint to another weapon of Kaelan just by the track’s name. Filled with filtered moving chords and vigorous and intense drums, this tune would be the perfect soundtrack for the final fight between two kung-fu masters, surrounded by befogged dead bodies lying on some mossy floor.
On the B-Side, Farron bolsters up the silent swordsman with a more break-beat orientated version of ‘Claw’, filled with energetic clap combos, subtle pads and big bass drum hits.
The whole EP is topped off with the track “Hasen”, a beautiful journey into ambient music with a touching atmosphere.
Mission completed. The carnage continues…