Onmutu Mechanicks - Unfolding the giant void
  • Title:
    Unfolding the giant void
  • Artist:
    Onmutu Mechanicks
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    05 / 2010
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About the release:

CD-R only (limited, handnumbered 150 copies)

Onmutu Mechanicks is the side project of Arne Weinberg partially in cooperation with Niko Tzoukmanis of Audision fame. One focus of this project is dubtechno, with releases on labels such as Echocord Colour and Statik Entertainment, the other focus however lies in the different facets of sound involved in Onmutu Mechanicks, and this album showcases this variety. Ranging from the dark feel of tunes such as Ebony Throne or Apocalyptic Motion to lighter ambient material like My beloveth, the overall vibe is deep, melodic and abstract, especially regarding the beat structures.
Open yourself for the flow and enjoy this listening experience and travel through the Onmutu Mechanicks universe.