meta.83 - Black Hole
  • Title:
    Black Hole
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  • Date:
    10 / 2015
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About the release:

We’re pleased to present with „black hole“ by meta.83 the work of a consequent defender of the art of analogue production. The soon available track “Black Hole” by the Liebe*Detail Co-Founder jinxed us from the very first moment and it was clear to us, that we’d like to add a number of top-class remixes beside the original.
For this we were able to win no one else then “the” Tobias and Borrowed Identity (after his recent release on Pastamusik “Crack in the Box EP”). The powerful acid bassline in the original version as well as in the Gravity Version creates from the very first moment a hypnotic undertow which seems to keep increasing throughout the track. It’s masterfully celebrated how to generate effective hits by carefully chosen elements and canny used effects.
Tobias also devote the focus in his interpretation on the acid aspect – but with more dynamics and with a higher beat frequency which will make every Techno-DJ‘s heart beat faster. When carefully set tones are fading in and out this version gets a brilliant final touch.
The remix of Borrowed Identity sounds in it’s structure more dirty and rough and though at the same time very fragile. A wonderful gem in pure culture drifting towards a black hole ….. perfect.