Merv - Re­Melted
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    Styrax Records
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    Styrax Records - Merv
  • Date:
    09 / 2015
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About the release:

A new reissue is coming from Merv. Two old and lost tracks, dating from ’95 and ’98 will be reissued by Styrax in September. While DeepChord in America, or the Thule crew from Island have been inspired by the Basic Channel blueprint sound coming from Berlin, a small group of artists tempted to push their own interpretation. Full of energy, strongly cauterized in mind, wanted to get rediscovered.
In the year 1995 “Melted Vein“ arose. Hypnotized, slowly but full of strength it became back to the theme. Merv educed their own variation, their own soul. You can hear their further development in the track ” Dust”, from 1998. Pads and melodies, from different galaxies, mixed with ascending chords, kept together with the 909. Two tracks, two epic tracks, the pure Merv magic! Both have been re- mastered at the traditionally Berlin Mastering Studios D&M.