Various Artists - Clockwerk EP
  • Title:
    Clockwerk EP
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
  • Label:
    Soiree Records International
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

DRIVETRAIN (Detroit, USA) – “Stranger It Feels”…Derrick Thompson freezes time with a multi-functional floor-banger/dj tool, fully stocked with sonic illusion and legitamcy. The tribal vocal intro paves the way for combustible percussions and a toxic bass line.
JACE SYNTAX (Glasgow, SCOTLAND) – “Basicz”…pounding rhythms join a subsonic groove cutting through a deeper, melodic soundscape. Add finely tuned vocal samples and harmonic ambience for a pure subterranean, late night audio rendezvous.
CLOUDMASTER WEED (Meaux, FRANCE) – “Consciousness”…an aggressive onslaught of smoke-stacked electronic musicality. The anesthetic bass escorts a mind-expanding squad of voices, pads and effects to a point of delinquency.
DETUNE (Ghent, BELGIUM) – “Dualty”…an electrifying, multifaceted production, that effortlessly seizes it’s own identity. Dynamic chords resonating through the magnetic, percussive palpitation, produce a sophisticated unyielding debut.
– The absolute sound of true intelligence…is Clockwerk –