Georgi Barrel - Indica
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    Georgi Barrel
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    Big Bait Records
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About the release:

Somewhere in between De la Soul, Max Graef and Terrence Parker lives Georgi Barrel. This mini album is a musical paradigm representing our definition of 2015 club music.
Infos about Artist & Record
Georgi Barrel is a highly creative genius producer from Kassel, Germany. In 2014 we first time took notice of him – and were instantly excited. His highly distinctive, very relaxed and boogie-influenced style is pure joy. From wonky De-La-Soul-Grooves up to smashing Ugly-Drums like Disco Edits: On this album Georgi is traveling through the undiscovered no man’s land between House, Hiphop and Disco – the result is a masterpiece that definitely holds a candle to Glenn Astro’s Throwback or Max Graef’s Rivers of the Red Planet.

A1 – Klausis Lullaby
Smoky and chilled out comes the opener in a smooth hiphop instrumental that could have been stolen from Pete Rock’s MPC…
A2 – In the Wutz
The tempo rises a little and we step into that deep aromatic Forest of discoid downgroove edification that intended to be the Dancefloor.
A3 – Like Diz
The tempo rises again… Like Diz is a stompy House jumper, built around a completely weird Rhodes melody snippet. Perfect prime-time-tool!
B1 – Pantoffelheld
The B-Side starts as smooth as the a-side – downgraded Hip-Hop grooves carry an incredibly deep piano loop.
B2 – 140G
Killer! This is the definition of Disco Edit.
B3 – Mate Oregano
Back it goes again to the low things and Pete Rocks MPC.
B4 – Costa 29
The outro – Dust, Jazz, dust. Hiphop-instrumental-minimalism.