Borrowed Identity - Crack In The Box
  • Title:
    Crack In The Box
  • Artist:
    Borrowed Identity
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    09 / 2015
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About the release:

The next Pastamusik Release in September is coming from Borrowed Identity.
His musical upbringing was a melange of ethnic music from friends, weird stuff from local libraries and whatever else he could find in record stores and on the internet, this explaining the fact he makes anything from classical to ambient, house to techno, experimental to electro, hiphop to pop music.
Never content with one musical genre, but always focused on making music with heart and soul, his releases demonstrate a broad musical range and a wide taste.
His new Release on Pastamusik goes from Classic House, Dynamic Techno to Acid-Jack.
Styles and applying them to dynamic arrangements that showcase a confident set of studio skills and a deep understanding of what excites the expectant dancer.