Coopers - Maximal Fun EP
  • Title:
    Maximal Fun EP
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    DUM Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    09 / 2015
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About the release:

MONO JUNKs label DUM Records is back!

In 1994 an untitled 12” EP emerged from Helsinki, Finland. It was produced by an unknown duo called Coopers and released by DUM records.
That particular squelchy sounding piece of wax helped to establish the sound that was later to be known as Finnish minimal techno.
Alongside Sähkö Recordings, DUM was one of the mainstays of gloomy northern electronics until its death in 2007.
After an extremely long hiatus both DUM Records and Coopers have now resurrected and
instead of their trademark minimalism they offer now a 3-piece ep full of techno maximality!
“Indian Acid” is a wonky excursion in repetition topped with Roland Corporation’s classical TR-727 congas, “Ixam” takes you back to the soundscapes of 90’s dreary Finnish acid and “Maximal Fun” is a 12-minute trip to the electronic kraut techno madness of the Coopers.
Play loud and preferably in dark.
Coopers are back with a vengeance!