Juergen Junker / RNDM - Spur8 /Uoah
  • Title:
    Spur8 /Uoah
  • Artist:
    Juergen Junker / RNDM
  • Label:
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

efdemin´s little vinyl imprint naif strikes back with number two feauring two of his favorite producers: juergen junker the most underrated producer, dj and live act from london on one side and efdemin´s long time friend and partner (together as PIGON) rndm, who so far released on DIAL and it´s sub-imprint LAID.
The story of Naïf02 starts somewhere in east london four years ago in a dirty, dark wave club. Lakhuti (Uzuri) had invited junkers to play live in one of her famous underground raves. Efdemin who was playing a DJ-Set afterwards was blown away by his unique, dirty and soulful liveset played simply with an mpc 2000 sampler.
From that moment on, Efdemin was a huge fan of junkers productions and played his records (on junkers own amazing imprint Neurythmics >you better check it out, folks!) regularly.
Junkers contributes two tracks: a dirty live version of his great tune “neighborhood” – a disco flavoured house tune which is introduced by the deep tool “spur 8″ based on the same beat.

the other side features a new crazy tune by rndm – dirty, jazzy, trippy. uoah!