Mobach - XieniX Vol. 1
  • Title:
    XieniX Vol. 1
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Nsyde Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

Borderless n s y d e is starting a new series of releases, and Volume 1 comes from close label artist and friend Mobach. Entitled XieniX (which is a phonetical Dutch spelling for “I can’t see anything”) the series is named after an influential 90s club in the city of Gouda that made a lasting impact on the young Mobach.
Mobach has won plenty of acclaim with tracks like 2014’s ‘At The Mines of Planet X’ before now and has also turned up on SD Records with fine EPs and LPs. His sound is a fusion of house, jazz, techno and ambient and really takes you to another world. This timeless new EP carries on in that vein.
‘Exotic Drones’ is a sludgy, spacious bit of dubbed out and slow motion techno with lush chords and plenty of alien sound design. The percussion is loose and shape shifting throughout, and the bass that underpins the whole thing is all consuming. ‘XieniX’ then builds in curious and intriguing ways with far of synths and watery droplets pulling you right into the centre of the track. Again slow and purposeful, it’ features some find sound design and is evocative as a result. ‘Apres’ is then a blissfully celestial bit of ambient that floats high in the sky as chords rain down and chugging, broken drums do their thing down below.
This is a moody, soundscaping EP that works as well as home as it does on the dance floor.