Moomin - A Day And A Night
  • Title:
    A Day And A Night
  • Artist:
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    Closer 001
  • Date:
    03 / 2015
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About the release:

There are thousands of possibilities to catch a star but real enlightenment only happens once in a while. A new star on sweet club musics heaven is born: Closer, the label of Moomin aka Sebastian Genz, our mate of touching dancfloor movement. After his releases on Aim, Smallville and Laid, after touring around the globe and representing the charming part of worldwide’s clublife, Moomin prooves how badly the creation of enchanting music is still needed. Closer001 comes up with three tracks sharing only one message: close your eyes and let yourself fall into pure magic. Moomin is a wizard who builds pure sweetness with just a sampleloop, a simple beat and bassline, an absorbing room. With only a few of ingredients he creates an extraordinary mood that could last forever, day and night. Releases like Moomins Closer001 enrich the neverending search of beauty and draws a colorful picture of deepest senses. For those who feel the aspiration of more lovely clubmusic: this is only the beginning!