Microworld - Time Before Techno
  • Title:
    Time Before Techno
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    aDepth Audio
  • Cat:
    aDepth 002
  • Date:
    09 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

Australian producer Philip McGarva aka Microworld is well known for his releases on Transmat and Styrax, both of which instantly became sought-after techno classics. Dutch label aDepth audio is proud to present Microworld’s new Time Before Techno EP, with the title track another classic in the making. Microworld’s signature is clearly evident throughout – the slow smooth build-up, with every new sound revealing extra dimensions within the music. Definitely an after hours track that will go straight to your soul. The second track Ism is a minimal but effective rhythm, a driving bassline, a catchy synthesizer and vocal sample that will stick in your head. Canadian producer Arthur Oskan chose to remix Ism and rebuild it into a pulsating 9 minute club track overflowing with warm synthesizers.

About aDepth audio
aDepth audio is a new Dutch record label masterminded by DJ & record collector Sander Prins and producer and events promoter Tim Gaal, both of whom have been actively involved in the techno scene in the southern part of the Netherlands for several years. Sander and Tim share a passion for deep melodic techno as well as for all electronic music that is made with the energy and soul of Detroit techno.

Each release will initially be available as a limited-run pressing of 12″ vinyl in order to promote the art, sound, and collectability of the music and the records. Following this, the releases will also be available as a digital download

The label will release music from new talent as well as established names including Microworld, Rennie Foster, Arthur Oskan, Erell Ranson, Rob Belleville, and Arne Weinberg.


Fabrice Lig (BE, F-Com) Really great EP, beautiful ! Soulful ! My favourite is the original track (ISM) but all the tracks are great.

Darko Esser (NL, Wolfskuil Records) Great atmospheric release and fantastic to hear new material from Microworld! aDepth audio is a very cool addition to the rich pallete of Dutch labels we have at the moment. Can’t wait for the next one.

DJ3000 (US, Motech) Very soothing melodic sounding 12inch.....all songs are cool

Samuel L Session (SE, Be As One Imprint) Nice release! My pick is the Oskan remix.

Estroe (NL, Connaisseur Recordings) Beautiful release, I like all tracks! Will play in next months EevoNext show.

Aroy Dee (NL, M>O>S) Time Before Techno is certainly a favorite, what a beautiful atmosferic and sensitive track, full of emotion. ISM in both versions is also on my playlist, a slight preference for the Arthur Oskan remix.

Shawn Rudiman (US, Technoir Audio) "Ism" (original) is the shit!!!!! f#ck!n sickness. It has a certain urgency and tension but not too much to push it anywhere uncomfortable Its like an underlying energy wave that doesn't quite break through.. it just ripples slightly below the surface, waiting and watching. Fantastic track!

Mark Cotterell (US, Night Drive Music) Loving the Arthur Oskan remix. Such a great producer in my eyes, nice EP. Will play for sure.

Invite (NL, Manual Music) After the wicked first release another great EP! I will play the Oskan remix.

Erell Ranson (FR, AW-Recordings) "Quality release again for the 2nd shot of aDepth... All the tracks are great, deep class techno with a perfect remix by Arthur Oskan... Will fit perfectly in the beginning of a night... Will play it for sure in the club and on air... 5*.

Conforce (NL, Meanwhile) My pick from this release is "Ism" Nice minimal vibes, but alltogether a bit too light-footed for me personally. However, certainly an atmosperic record. I'm very curious to the next release, it's promising!