JS and Andee - Back To Earth EP
  • Title:
    Back To Earth EP
  • Artist:
    JS and Andee
  • Label:
    Earth Mothern
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

Earth Mothern’s ninth release is signed by JS & Andee aka Rk’s.
The label owners offer their vision of Techno and House music made of machines, synths and samplers live sequenced.
JS’s Dance With Me is a Techno oriented raw tool, where slender snare drums run into a minimalistic string pad, almost without a break. With dramatic sounds and punching beats JS turns Nocturnal Symphony into a breathless “in crescendo” track based on electrifying violin melodies.
Andee’s side starts with Filter 999, a killer track with funk filtered samples and hypnotic percussions. It goes on with the old school house flavored Soul Train Robbery to end up with Pacific Palisades, a smoothy aquatic tune, characterized by floating bass, peaceful synths and broken distorted beats.
Recorded between Milano and Berlin.