Iron Curtis - The K.M.S. Years EP
  • Title:
    The K.M.S. Years EP
  • Artist:
    Iron Curtis
  • Label:
    Office Recordings
  • Cat:
    Office 04
  • Date:
    03 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

Office 04 circles in memories: The record is about Johannes “Iron Curtis” Paluka’s time at Karl-Marx-Straße Berlin where he used to live next door to label head Baaz and graphic designer Chris Fladung.
A1 track “Magnet” is an ecstatic piece of house music holding all elements IC’s production is esteemed and loved for : Heavy, unrelenting kicks, rolling bass lines, shimmering pads, topped with searing hot yet gamelan-like synts and an icing of slightly loose, detuned organ stabs predesting grand emotions on any dance floor.
‘What happened happened’ surely marks up as another proof of Curtis’ fearless takes on house music: distorted field recordings and blurred spoken words, a web of gossamer melodies and subtle clicks and cuts, all cohered by the louche bassline and the reshuffled groove in a true dilla-ish vein.
Adapting elements to their own agenda, clandestine groove explorers Berg turn ‘What happened’ into a true midnight roller: razor-sharp hihitas join forces with a steam-maschine like percussion, whipping relentlessly in-between kick drum and kick drum. Berg cools off their take with prancing melody motifs and strung out pads of the original track, though never loosing focus of the ‘reductions’ aim: keep the dancer dancing.