Moire Patterns - Get It Thru
  • Title:
    Get It Thru
  • Artist:
    Moire Patterns
  • Label:
    Knuggles Recordings
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    05 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

Knuggles Recordings is very delighted to present Moire Patterns’ second Essential Play EP.

The title track “Get It Thru” puts you right in the middle of a pumping house party. This grabbing and powerful long-playing tool with afro kick grooves and haunting vocal licks will keep your bottoms up! Look out! It can knock a hole in your wall.

On the flip side Moire Patterns is featuring special edits of tracks by two original artists: Jaone and Bratacas.
Led by a tambourine, the constantly modulating pattern of “Taxanetsi Brothers” drives you into a more platonic dimension of classical and balkan music. Disco fashion!
“Bratacas 029” has been selected from the diverse works of Bratacas. It’s an elegant ambient electro-acoustic piece that makes us reminisce about the UK D’n’B scene of the late 90ties. Or is it Detroit?