Odysea / Joseph Tacker / Georgi Barrel / Hendrik Vogel - Diskko Dawn
  • Title:
    Diskko Dawn
  • Artist:
    Odysea / Joseph Tacker / Georgi Barrel / Hendrik Vogel
  • Label:
    Big Bait Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

General infos about Diskko Dawn:
We open spring Season with a stellar Various Artists EP featuring four emerging Southwest German producers and projects: Odysea, Hendrik Vogel, Joseph Tacker and Georgi Barrel. The guys did their best to create a groundbreaking 12” taking you on a joyful journey through a broad spectrum of deep house music.
A1 – Cold & Sheep – Odysea:
Cold & Sheep is pretty much the opposite of “cold”. The both producers Moritz Wolff and Roman Mühlschlegel, both born in Karlsruhe, love smooth chords, substantial basslines and the friendly way of clubbing in general. A broad chord line welcomes you at the beginning of Cold & Sheep , carrying you on pink clouds over mountains of downgraded House grooves right into the land of milk and honey (which is located pretty close to Chicago).
A2 – Biggie Calls – Joseph Tacker:
Georgi Barrels real name is Joseph Tacker. The Kassel based, multi-faced producer is extremely creative, extremely productive. With Biggie Calls he has a tremendous debut on Bigbait. Downgraded and stripped-to-the-bone pads float on a super-dope groove pattern, pushed frequently to the ceiling by excitingly dirty vocal adlibs and, not at least, the comfortably wombling bassline. Basement-boiler!
B1 – Bug Express – Georgi Barrel:
Joseph Tackers real name is Georgi Barrel. The Kassel based, multi-faced producer is extremely creative, extremely productive. Bug Express is the one for the dusk and dawn moments on the dancefloor, for transition times and spaces. When the smooth and well-hung Rhodes comes in, you start floating softly through the twilight zone.
Dancefloor frigistor!
B2 – No Mountain – Hendrik Vogel:
Hendrik is the old stager of the crew. Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, he is not only producer, but also club manager, DJ, teacher for music production and last but not least working as scenographer at the University of Karlsruhe. So you could say his life is pretty much centred on music.
With No Mountain Hendrik gives us just a little impression of his inventive genius. It’s a delicate and thoroughly composed piece of art that has some kind of hypnotic effect, caused by the inscrutable tension between Guitar riff and bourdon basement. Immediately an introvert, but very warm and relaxing mood is overcoming the listener.