Qnete - Untitled
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    ZCKR Records
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  • Date:
    02 / 2015
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About the release:

After years of travelling, exploring corners and edges of space and mind, it is time to meet on the dancefloor again.
The reflections and experience of our environment and our surrounding were the stimulus of our progress and curiosity. This is just another story of Grey City Life.

Qnete came to our long closed record store, Time And Place, in Bremen and worked for us at the coat check at Downtown – Grey Cities oldest gay venue – while we me made our SWEAT Nights happen.
He inhaled anything about house music and electronic music he could get into his tender hands and blends all these experiences into his own events, carries it to friends and shapes it into his own kind of musical output.

Three drummachine driven tracks with their own, young dynamic, interpretation of energy, each with its particular bandwidth from filigree to raw documenting a lovely time we had.