V.A. - Dérive Vol.2
  • Title:
    Dérive Vol.2
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Dérive Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    03 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

Almost one year after the first release Dérive Schallplatten releases the second record. That’s quite a long time. But however, haste makes waste and even more when it’s about some passionate drifters!

A 1 Christopher Rau_Da Toms Dérive Vol. 2 starts with “Da Toms”, a tune that is best described as a real Dj-tool. In the background a discreet organ loop floats like lost in thought and leaves enough space for the extensive play of the rythmn. Dj’s will love that track because it suits excellent to tease everything out of those wonderful toms while the next record is already in the mix.

A 2 Christopher Rau_My Lesson Christopher’s tunes sometimes express a certain ambivalence. “My Lesson” definitively falls in that category. While the interplay of bittersweet melodies reveals a deeply grounded melancholia, the vigorous beat and the acidic bassline proceed unwaveringly into the future. But ambivalence doesn’t mean a dissacord. The different parts interlock very well. Who is wondering? Sadness and euphoria stay so often side by side.

B 1 Achim Maerz_99385 (Achim’s KneeDeepEdit) This time Achim shows us another side of his musical repertoire. After “Garish” on Vol. 1, which was called a “detroithouseslammer (De:Bug)”, with “99385” he has a much more cushy job. Right from the start the well-balanced structure of the track makes you feel secure and the gentle, but certain sounds reach your body like small waves, over and over again. This is “Dub House” at its best and a perfect opener for club nights, that lets much become possible.