Furfriend - Freedom Of Filth
  • Title:
    Freedom Of Filth
  • Artist:
  • Label:
  • Cat:
    Killekill 23
  • Date:
    12 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

The German saying “Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert, lebt man voellig ungeniert.”, meaning once your reputation is ruined, your life gets easy, sums up a lot about Furfriend’s artistic doing.
‘Freedom of Filth’ lives tightly along those lines and throws its full force of lushness at you, growing into an empowering industrial monster that makes you want you to rip all clothes off your body. If JFK did it, so can you.
If big room sound is too much for you and you miss the simplicity and pervy voice of Dingo Tush that made the duo famous, you’ll wanna follow their instructions for self appreciation and have a listen to ‘Touch Myself’, A trainlike fuckfest for the dancefloor. Make sure to bring some lube!
Following is a short live recording from the ‘Fuck Olympics’ …. we are just going to leave this uncommented here.