Monikca - Münchner Jazz Bar EP
  • Title:
    Münchner Jazz Bar EP
  • Artist:
  • Label:
    Big Bait Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    11 / 2014
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About the release:

München Jazz Bar – a tribute to our passion for Jazz Music Big Bait Records is publishing high quality House Music vinyl since 2009. With our 18th release we introduce Bavarian producer duo Monikca.
Monikca’s young and funky sound is everything else but typical Bavarian “Blasmusik” – it’s playful and jazz-bound Deep House. The two 25 and 26 year old producers are trained in classical piano and jazz drums. Instead of taking some random samples from jazz records, they perform and record their own sounds and snippets. With the two upbeat smashers “Want No Other” and “Münchner Jazz Bar” Monikca proves that time is right for their first vinyl release!
Chocky draws in the reins and turns down the excitement level for his dub remix. His track is something like the sedated counterbalance to the high energetic Monikca sound. Foggy, dope and deep.

A1: Want no Other – 7:30 min
The sound of the south. An airy, levitating synthie line lifts you up and clubs you on the dancefloor. Gaudy & relaxed primetime synthie-house-blaster with heart that brings bar-zombies back to life.

B1: Münchner Jazz Bar – 6:10 min
Fleecy Jazz-smasher with unlimited dancefloor-recommendation. Jump!

B2: Want no Other – Chocky Remix – 7:10 min
Wobbling dub spheres, almost ambient like sounds introduce the listener to the track. After 90 seconds the clap comes in and instantly there is the structure you were looking for all your life. Brilliant Dub House for the latenite killer set.