T.R. “Early“ Earl - Bad Business EP
  • Title:
    Bad Business EP
  • Artist:
    T.R. “Early“ Earl
  • Label:
    Nsyde Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    02 / 2015
  • Available:

About the release:

Christopher Rau, best known for reliable, soothing and airy deep house, debuts on · n s y d e· with a fresh alias—T.R. “Early” Earl / The Royal Earl Company.
T.R. “Early” Earl might be his rawest work to date.
Nsyde’s philosophy is releasing timeless techno / true house and beyond. We think Rau’s latest work fulfills this.

Opener “A Bad Conduction” is a beautifully evolving stripped down to the bone techno track, featuring slapping hi-hats and dubby basslines. One to get lost in! reduced to the point.
“Turn Loose” is a pleasantly distorted analogue house gem, exchanging Rau’s usual airy deep house (released on labels like Smallville, Aim and Office) for a laid-back peak-time jam, but still packing all the charming elements Rau stands for. This melody, oh this melody.
Deep groover “Getting Up At Noon” closes things off with deep strings and absorbing piano pads. Suitable for late hour DJ sets, this is an excellent track for those who like to take things deeper.

A little bonus for the heads is included on the vinyl. 7 Locked grooves for the extraordinary mixing pleasures.