Mikael Stavöstrand - Send Me Signs EP
  • Title:
    Send Me Signs EP
  • Artist:
    Mikael Stavöstrand
  • Label:
    Lick My Deck
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    04 / 2010
  • Available:

About the release:

Following on from the success of the Waiting For So Long EP Mikael once again delivers some of his most seminal work to date.

The Sends Me Signs EP opens with “Midnights Children” a dark, intense, brooding track that ultimately reveals an unearthly beauty.

Purple Sweatpants however is twisted through and through, it has all the elements to make it a “WTF” moment on the dance floor.

Send Me Signs has a deeper feel with children chanting and hypnotic vocals evoking memories of summer nights dancing under the fire hydrants and playing skip rope, celebrating life in it’s purest form.


Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels / Get Physical ) : WOW, Purple Sweatpants.,...,. killerrrrr

Brothers Vibe (Som/ Mixx) : Mikael Stavostrand KILLS it again!!! Full support : )

Troy Pierce ( M-nus) : Cool tracks, I like Midnight's Children the best I think but great e.p.

Mr C (Wagon repair / Poker Flat ) : Really love all the tracks, been playing them everywhere !

Seph (Dumb Unit) : FANTASTIC EP!!! Send me signs is my favourite...I envy Mikael's sounds...Keep it up!

Butane (Alphahouse, Crosstown Rebels) : Amazing tracks man.. really love it!! Mignight's Children is off the charts.

Cesare Vs Disorder ( Dumb Unit / Mean ) : I was with Mikael in LA a few days ago and loved the tunes! Amazing record, couldn’t wait to get a hold of it. Will chart and play all over thanks.

Paco Osuna ( Plus 8 / Mindshake ) : Many thanks for sending this. Will play it for sure.. Total support Paco

Franco Cinelli ( Esperanza / Hello? Repeat ) : Another killer ep!!! I really like!!, Play it LOUD!

Davide Squillace (Sci-Tec, Minisketch ) : Great ep... I m always into Mikael's stuff

Mark Henning (Soma / Clink ) : Hey Thanks, like Midnight's Children !

Patrick Bateman ( Tic, Tac, Toe) : Very good release from Mikael again played Purple Sweatpants last night, sounded fantastic!

Jonni Darkko : Really dig Midnight's Children... WOW So rocking thick... Damn!!!! Love it