Various Artists - House Of 12 Vol.3
  • Title:
    House Of 12 Vol.3
  • Artist:
    Various Artists
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  • Date:
    09 / 2014
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About the release:

Introducing the house of 12 vol.3, including new artists on this one, who are all italian based!
A1 is with Abissy, proper use of vintage gear with a great great knowledge of the machines! always respect!
A2 is a mysterious man, Twilo, with his first release! catchy dreamy pad and ethereal atmosphere with roland beats… for the dreamers
B1 is Mike Lee, and his love for italian house from the early 90s, made with love and soul and respect to the originals!!
B2 is a name i don’t have to introduce, Giovanni Damico, here with a funky-all-played-song made with machines and his swing magic touch!