Ralph & Larry Houl - Back To You
  • Title:
    Back To You
  • Artist:
    Ralph & Larry Houl
  • Label:
    Frank Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

France Music introduces fresh talent outta Paris, France. We are happy to present the very first vinyl release of Monsieur Ralph (aka Flabaire from Collectif D.ko) on the machines et Monsieur Larry on the mic. They got it all: The French Touch. The Sweetness. The Song. The Beauty. The Fun. The House. The Pop. The Machines. The Dance. The Happiness. Da Funk. The Chic. ‘Day By Day’ is no nonsense piano vocal house. Made for peak time use and hands- up-happiness. ‘Back To You’ more on the mellow tip. sweet sweet. The third cut on the a side ‘Need You So’ even offers a little guitar solo. They used to call it pop muzak. Selected remixes on the flip. Iron Curtis twists ‘Need You So’ into some modern cosmic XTC starring a monster bass line while Dynamodyse takes care of a stripped down version of ‘Day By Day’. We dare to say ëMerci pour la dance musique mes amisí.