Johannes Albert - Hotel Novalis LP
  • Title:
    Hotel Novalis LP
  • Artist:
    Johannes Albert
  • Label:
    Frank Music
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    05 / 2013
  • Available:

About the release:

GROOVE MAG TOP 2! Frank Music proudly presents Johannes Albert’s Debut LP “Hotel Novalis”. Emerging from the deep-down Spessart woods in southern Germany, hes doing his thang since the mid 90s as a charming House DJ. Remember the golden days of NYC, Strictly Rhythm, Masters at Work and the likes? That’s where we at. After some years of dropping the records he loves he decided to add some more spice to the soup, starting to work on his own house trax. Released on vinyl by the WHITE label and through his own imprint “Frank Music” amongst others. A couple of Twelve Inches later and another move to the bold B his first album is ready to hit the game. It’s a ride full of any take on happy house music: refreshing piano accords (ÑTemptation & Friesì), bumpin drum machine rhythms (“Copa Systems feat. Iron Curtis”) and almost friendly acid lines (“Acid Queen” feat. Monosoul). Johannes is not afraid of going into the deep (“Basic RY Patterns”, “In A Ferris Mood”) as well as sending the dancers into a rave mode (“BNT”). To take things down the Frank Music caretaker uses beatdown-ish elements on “Muskrat Susie” or “Symptoms of the feel good” which own a hint to Flying Lotus and STL. Don’t forget some cheesiness between the lines on “Where The Green Sings”. I know what you thinking. But no retro trap needed in here but just a warm summer vibe. “Hotel Novalis” is like a good night out probably. You start slowly, get into the mood, raise your hands during a climax and get home safely with a smile in your eye. So press play and enjoy the trip.