K-1 - Machine Funk EP
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    Machine Funk EP
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  • A1: Strand
  • B1: Plastic People (Original K-1 Mix)
  • B2: Plastic People (Microthol mix)
About the release:

Side A1: Strand
Highly Acclaimed In the Puzzlebox Recordings office as one of the best tracks from the K-1 archives, Gives the floor a taste of Detroit Bass.
The contents: PURE Mythical underground electro, The signature K-1 bass line (Vicious), And a Detroit legendary dj sample from the Electrifying Mojo from back in the day, For Real, Fucking MarvelousÖ.

Side B1: Plastic People
A complex collage of bass and electronic frequency of the more robotic concept Automaton ep from 1990 ìPbx 4î. Rare Deep Bass Quad and Aux 88 like vocal.

Side B2: Plastic People (Microthol Mix)
Sparse and Drexciyean like bass driven percussion from Viennaís Up and coming electro group.