Peter Clamat - Catch 'n' Release
  • Title:
    Catch 'n' Release
  • Artist:
    Peter Clamat
  • Label:
    Big Bait Records
  • Cat:
  • Date:
    06 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

Catch ‘n’ Release – About the Record
With “Catch ‘n’ Release”, the first solo vinyl from the Big Bait labelhead since his “Peter Clamat EP” back in 2011, the shuffle-don delivers a highly elaborated house music EP – extremely warm, soulful, sparkling with energy and fully loaded with refreshing grooves.
Bethinking himself of his roots, Peter this time handsomely digged into the history of Disco Music (his first contact with Disco was at the age of 5 – in the early 1980s – after discovering the record collection of his parents, what probably laid the cornerstone for his future musical career). However, none of the tracks on “Catch ‘n’ Release” seem to be just disco edits in the classical sense. Far from it!
Pete picks the cherrys from the past, amalgamating it with his very distinctive contemporary style to create four unmistakeable Peter-Clamat-style slowhouse compositions.
Future Cannibals
The EP kicks off with the bubbly disco house smasher “Future Cannibals”, inviting the listener immediately to the dancefloor – and when the moog synth solo starts after a few minutes, you’re gonna be blown away by the airiness of this ass-shaking monster.
“Disqualified” is a reminiscence to hip-hop antihero “Sensational” and somehow Pete’s examplification of musical simplicity. In spite of its perfection, the track doesn’t need any more than 6 tracks on the multi-track tape to develop a Theo- Parrish-like flow and create an outstanding stripped-to-the-bone slowhouse smasher.
Unhooked Strokes
Certainly the most energetic and housey track on the EP, “Unhooked Strokes” pushes the dancer to the peak. Most certainly from the moment the wobbly Juno- chords burst in, you gonna feel the urgent need to jump. Adumblated airy pads in the second part of the tune polish the composition and lead to an audible orgasm you won ́t get enough from.
Clubs And Feedings
The B2 side, “Clubs and Feedings”, is a very moody composition on pretty low bpm, funkin’ alongside the incredibly groovy rhodes chords for highest afterhour pleasures. With this unmistakeable reference to 70’s disco-funk Peter brings his “Catch ‘n’ Release”-EP to the “Grande Finale”.