Thomas Hessler - Perception EP
  • Title:
    Perception EP
  • Artist:
    Thomas Hessler
  • Label:
    Index Marcel Fengler
  • Cat:
    IMF 03
  • Date:
    07 / 2014
  • Available:

About the release:

Talented new German producer Thomas Hessler arrives on IMF with a superb four track exploration into powerful, melodic and timeless techno. Driven by rich synth arpeggios and textural percussion, this third release on the label continues the search for unique, stand-out electronic music full of atmosphere and finesse.
A hypnotising introduction to what is without a doubt Hesslers strongest work so far, ‘Stratosphere’ opens gently with its bubbling synth lines, that build and intertwine, leading to dramatic heights. Undulating and growing amongst stuttering, electronica-shaped beats, its a perfect mood-setter for what lies ahead. 
More straight to the point, ‘Consequence’ works a driving, rubbery groove that comes alive with jacking snare patterns and reduced, highly effective breaks. Hessler then continues to explore his apparent love for sinister synth lines on ‘Perception’, a classic late-night techno piece with its roots firmly in the German rave scene. Elegantly programmed drums lift the tension and recede into the shadows in another highlight of this versatile and musical EP.
Finally in display of his true understanding and love for Detroit Techno, ‘Distance’ eases us down and takes us out into the calm light of the morning. A beautiful, classically-leaning piece of magical synth music.